Infrequent Influxes of Inspiration

On Information Hiding
Today I write about my thoughts on information hiding, why I think it's awesome, and don't really understand those who oppose it.

Unconventional Typing
A blog post describing my experiment of writing code with only a netbook at hand.

Breadth-First Programming
Getting too obsessed with design patterns is counter-productive.

Method Hierarchies
Sometimes, the IDEs don't help us enough to write the best code we can.

Bob's Gone Open Problem
While open source is a terrific way to look at various algorithms to certain problems, you need something else to learn the architecture.

An observational piece, analyzing how prices can be designed to make people want to pay more than they need.

Fitts's Outlaw
With the advent of large touchscreen computers, Fitts's law simply doesn't work.

The Best Pitch in a Good While
A short review of the book Rework

Boots' Straps
Bob can finally bootstrap itself!

Exceptional Heresy
In this article, I propose the elimination of nulls and more rigorous use of exceptions than used to in the past.

Graceful GWT Degradation
A run-down of how I optimized a Vaadin component according to browser CSS3 support.

What About Bob?
A quick status report on Bob, the build system.

Building up a Storm
A post where I contend the use of XML in general, more explicitly in existing build systems, such as Apache Ant.

Customer Service?
I drift back in one of my memories, which I realize is more profound as an experience than I originally thought. You don't need to be on your employer's side to make him benefit from your actions.

Tricking Us into Winning
A post where I think about the fact that a little bit of practical psychology can be enormously beneficial for everyone.

Now I Know
After getting some more detailed information, I fill in some of my ignorance from the previous post.

Treading New Ground
In this article, I explain the steps I took and difficulties with their respective solutions to a Vaadin component I wrote from scratch.