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Bob's Gone Open Problem

Bob is already open source. But that's not enough. It's now open problem aswell!

I'm going to write down the design problems I've encountered with Bob in a public place. These design problems don't fit in a bug report system, since they're fluffy and abstract. A mere patch of code won't be enough to fix them. The idea is that once I've made a problem go away, I'll add a summary about what I did, or am going to do, about it.

"Why?" you might ask. Well…

First Reason

I'm very forgetful, so it's just a place to remember stuff. It's also helpful to get larger concepts down on paper to look at, as a whole. Additionally, the process of writing them down, forcing myself articulate the problem, makes the problem as defined as possible. This makes the weak points easiest to find, and subsequently concentrating an attack on those. This is, by far, be the most important reason.

Second Reason

I'm not the last person to write code, and once infinite monkeys start writing, they'll very soon encounter the same problems I'm dealing with. A few infinite monkeys might then find the wiki entries. By any luck, their problems are already solved, so they can just copy the solution off of that, and be done a bit faster. This is, by far, the most interesting reason.

Third Reason

As with open source, there's always the hope of contributions. I'm not the first person to write code, and the chances are that someone else has already encountered and solved the same problems I'm dealing with. By any luck, this good samaritan will edit the wiki page, and help me along the way. This is, by far, the most utopian reason.

So, go ahead, laugh at my problems. Or help a guy out. Feel free to edit the pages as you wish.

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